In new web ad, Clark hits Bachmann on Social Security

By Andy Birkey
Wednesday, March 10, 2010 at 8:46 am


The campaign of Tarryl Clark released a web ad Monday that criticizes Rep. Michele Bachmann for her past stance on Social Security privatization and her February comments about wanting to “wean” future generations off the program.

Bachmann’s campaign has disputed the characterization that she supports privatization of Social Security. In an interview with Politifact, for example, Bachmann spokesman David Dziok said, “She’s never once used the word ‘privatize.’”

But Clark’s team backed up its claims with references to Bachmann advocating Social Security privatization in 2005.

Here’s Dziok’s full statement from Politifact:

Via e-mail, Bachmann’s spokesman Dave Dziok told us that he has “no clue where they got the voucher comment from and she’s never once used the word privatize — not in her initial comments in St. Louis, and not in subsequent interviews or statements. Furthermore, she never stated that she wants to eliminate these programs all together, but that younger generations should have other options in the way these programs are administered. While her critics are certainly doing their best to put words in her mouth, I don’t see how they can factually back it up.”

And here’s Clark’s supporting evidence on Bachmann’s 2005 Social Security stance:

Bachmann Advocated Privatizing Social Security. In February 2005, the Pioneer Press wrote, “During her announcement Monday, Bachmann also mentioned national security and a Social Security overhaul, which she later said should include privatization, as key priorities should she win a seat in Congress.” [Pioneer Press, 02/15/05]

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Comment posted March 10, 2010 @ 9:48 am

OK, but Tarryl Clark is no better than Bachmann. A DFL tyrant is no better or worse than a RNC tyrant, true?

Isn’t Clark one of the DFLers who signed on to the hotel anti-porn bill?

Big brother. I am so damn sick of big brother.

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