Boot print on his back: Photographs, video of 17-year-old RNC protester after run-in with police

By Paul Schmelzer
Tuesday, September 02, 2008 at 6:22 pm

Melissa Smith-Tourville says her 17-year-old son Keith is a pacifist and “he’d never hurt anyone.” But yesterday he was the target of violence by police, she says: Trying to leave Monday’s march on the Republican National Convention, Keith was wrestled to the ground by five officers, according to his mother, who were “repeatedly kicking, beating, dragging and hitting him.” [Read Smith-Tourville's account of what happened.] Bloody, he was taken into custody by police for two hours and, his mom says, his release by St. Paul police was in violation of Minnesota law.

Smith-Tourville is seeking legal advice from Coldsnap Legal Collective. They told her that as a minor, state law says that Keith should’ve been put in contact with his parents. “Keith repeatedly asked to call his parents,” she says. “He said he can’t even count how many times he said, ‘Can I call my parents?’”

More importantly, Coldsnap told her he should have been released into his parents’ custody. Instead he was released into the streets of St. Paul, an unfamiliar town far from his native Menomonie, Wis. When Smith-Tourville sought information, she was told that they could only find a hand-written report, and it said nothing about Keith needing medical attention.

He was not charged with any crime, his mother says.

He also was not given medical treatment. These images, published by Milwaukee’s Vital Source magazine, show the extent of his injuries.

Injuries include abrasions where Keith says he was hit by police batons, scrapes from where was dragged to the ground, and a very visible boot print on his back.

Smith-Tourville can’t believe her son, one of 10 children she raises as a licensed foster parent, deserved such treatment.

“He would never harm anyone,” she said of the boy she identifies as a practicing Buddhist. “To think that five police officers assaulted him — who wouldn’t let him protect himself and put him in a position where he couldn’t call his parents for help — is unconscionable.”

Smith-Tourville says Coldsnap is filing a police misconduct report on the family’s behalf.

Update: MnIndy’s Paul Demko contacted Commander Doug Holz of the St. Paul Police Department to inquire about Smith’s case. Holz, who was not present during the alleged beating, said only, “If someone has a complaint they can always go through the normal channels with Internal Affairs. That’s just the normal way we do business.”

Here’s a video of Smith, who remained calm when facing off with police, as he departed the site of the downtown protest:



Comment posted September 2, 2008 @ 9:55 pm

Looks like a shaving accident.

Comment posted September 2, 2008 @ 10:32 pm

Your son can also be seen in this video:

Comment posted September 3, 2008 @ 12:29 am

Looks like the baby fell down and now has a boo boo. Oh boo, hoo, hooo! Poor little baby!

Ian Welsh
Comment posted September 3, 2008 @ 12:40 am

Always the pseuds who say things like that, I've noticed.

Comment posted September 3, 2008 @ 7:40 am

I hope those posting the sarcastic comments about this brutal beating expernce police violence ON THEMSELVES some day…you can bet that they will HOWL WITH INDIGNATION. Wake UP! When “law enforcement”is given this sort of IMPUNITY TO EXERCISE FORCE WITHOUT REASON, this is DICTATORSHIP. Of course, people of color endure this sort of brutality every day jsut for walking while black or drivng while black–so, they are already under this sort of dictatorship. That this is a white juvenile means MAYBE some people will (finally) see the human rigfhts abues that happen right here in the USA–even in “progerssive” Twin Cities.
Those supporting these abuses of power echo the “good Germans” who stood by in 1930s Naxi Germany whiole their fellow citizens were hauled away to the camps.They are COMPLICIT in this violence—which was also directed againwst JOURNALISTS.
This is the result of allowing the Constitution to be shredded for the last 8 years!!!!
Lydia in Minneapolis

Comment posted September 3, 2008 @ 11:24 am

Are you upset they didn't do anything? “Yeah sort of”, well looks like you got your wish son. They did “something” now you cry about it? You my friend are an idiot.

Comment posted September 3, 2008 @ 11:34 am

Exactly. People like “no1dude” above would be the first to yell and scream.

No1dude, why don't you read up on the founding fathers since I'm sure you consider yourself a patriot. The right to express dissent is at the foundation of our nation.

It's a pity that the votes of ignorant, hateful people like you helped George Bush find his way into the White House; we have you fools to blame for the mess we're in, and you're not even smart enough to see that 8 years of Bush and 6 years of Republican control of the Senate point to taking away the republicans' keys.

You don't have the ability or knowledge to question. You are the poor little baby.

Comment posted September 3, 2008 @ 11:35 am

You are a birthing accident.

Comment posted September 3, 2008 @ 11:50 am

Same comment as before – no objectivity whatsoever. The kid's politics are all anyone uses to decide whether or not the cops were in line. That's totally insane. And someday, it'll be YOU getting your skin removed.

How tough it must be to avoid all the facts and blindly give your allegiance to a dysfunctional crew.

These cops make the job harder on all cops in the country, and that's not something I can respect.

Comment posted September 3, 2008 @ 12:03 pm

Where is the video of the beating???? With all of the press converged on St. Paul someone had to see it happen! I smell a rat, and a pathetic attempt to smear the reputation of the police that are trying to do their jobs in the face of such blatant disrespect.

Comment posted September 3, 2008 @ 12:11 pm

I love the motto America: love it or leave it. These people that say protestors deserve to be beaten for no reason should be headed out the door to Iran or Saudi Arabia then because they obviously do NOT love America

The World is Flat
Comment posted September 3, 2008 @ 12:14 pm

The fact that the kid commented that he was disappointed leads me to believe that there is more to this story than we know. We don't have any evidence of the beating as of this moment, no footage, no other outsider, reliable witness to vouch for his and his mom's story.

I get the feeling that he's not as innocent as he may seem. And while no one should have the crap kicked out of them by the police, the last thing you want to do is give cops probable cause to believe you're going to do something violent. Keep in mind, there were some groups with some heavy duty plans for this week to really disturb my fair city. We just need to keep our minds open to all possibilities.

Comment posted September 3, 2008 @ 12:22 pm

IF this is the result of police brutality then they should be held accountable like any other citizen. My Brother is a 14 year veteran of a local police department and would never condone such action. I have seen him, cussed and spit upon just for doing his job. He never reacted as I would have, which is why he is a good policeman. However, when he asks you to comply, you had better comply or you will be made to comply. So what happended here??? Did they just walk up and beat this kid up or was he asked to comply and refused. If they told you to move on and you did not, you got what you had coming. If not, then you have legal recourse. Most of you people have NO IDEA of the types of people the police have to deal with daily.

Mr Deevers
Comment posted September 3, 2008 @ 12:31 pm

What ever happened to “Innocent until proven guilty in a court of law?”

Comment posted September 3, 2008 @ 1:07 pm

I am so sorry your son was brutalized, the police are bullies in the charge of evil. I hope his injuries heal well.

Comment posted September 3, 2008 @ 1:09 pm

Where is all the evidence for “heavy duty plans for this week to really disturb my fair city”? I heard of evidence of traffic obstruction and some broken windows… hardly “heavy”. So where are the bombs, guns, and chemical weapons, you know, the heavy stuff?

Jon L
Comment posted September 3, 2008 @ 1:17 pm

you get burned when you mess with fire. you get your ass beat when you associate with those looney hippy protesters.

Jon L
Comment posted September 3, 2008 @ 1:21 pm

you are so out of touch with reality. there are ways to protest and there are ways to cause havok. i'm pretty sure if black people were getting beating up this bad “every day” it would be in the news. But you make up facts as you go along to try to make a point thats not even worth making. If America is so bad, why don't you move? The less people like you, the better this State, and Country will be.

Comment posted September 3, 2008 @ 2:20 pm

Looks to me like Ramsey County and the city of Minneapolis are going to have a bunch of expensive lawsuits on their hands. I hope every victim of police brutality gets a lawyer and goes for it. After the 2004 convention a judge ruled that New York City had to pay out around $7million for repeatedly violating protestors' civil rights. Police do NOT have the right to use violence against citizens for no reason.

Comment posted September 3, 2008 @ 2:23 pm

Stay at home with you mom, you didnt accomplish anything. Look at yourself. was it worth it. If you really want to affect change get involved with your community. Protesting is the laziest way to try and make change. Get off your A** and do something about it. sigh

Comment posted September 3, 2008 @ 3:18 pm

Well, he is the one that has been wiping his ass with the Constitution for the last 8 years. Right to protest is in the Constitution…..hmmmm….where could that parallel be????

You need to grow up, and cut it out with the red herrings. Who cares if you're conservative or liberal? No one deserves beaten like that by the police, and both sides, with exception of the 25% whose sanity the rest of us question, hate Bush, because he's an idiot, and he's screwed up this country royally. He is easily one of the worst presidents in history, and his constant trampling of basic rights and complete denial of any type of responsibility of error has him on the fast track to be the worst president ever. I challenge you this, if you don't agree: name something good that he did in the last 8 years.

I'd hope you'd have more in your rebuttal than ridiculous name calling which only serves to indicate sub-par intellegence, and certainly doesn't make your case against the “Liberal idiot.”

Comment posted September 3, 2008 @ 3:24 pm

Does that happen to be a black bandanna around his neck…Like the one's the protestors breaking windows, etc. were wearing….

Tom T
Comment posted September 3, 2008 @ 3:34 pm

My heart goes out to you and your son for making the bad decision to let him go so far away from home and have this happen to him. There is no good reason for an unsupervised minor to be in that area during violent protests. It is a choice that obviously had consequences. In reality what these protesters are doing constitutes deadly force. I have never seen a place where it is acceptable to throw a brick at another person, or stab a police officer and run away. This appears to be people taking the opportunity to act like terrorists with anonymity. The sad part is they are taking the focus off of the well informed, patriotic protesters. Even if this child was simply standing in the wrong place at the wrong time, he was with those who were not. If you refuse to raise your child with common sense and let him go riot with his idiot friends there may be consequences. God bless the troops, and the police officers that are keeping us free and safe from terrorism (foreign and domestic) if you want change, do it the right way, dont just use it as an excuse to destroy things.

Comment posted September 3, 2008 @ 3:58 pm

I don't know why a parent would allow a child to attend a Republican blood bath. Haven't you people realized yet that Republicans are blood thirsty. Talk about baby killers. How many innocents did John McCain bomb from above???
Of course these cops couldn't wait to crack skulls. Why do you think they became cops. Next week, they'll break into your house to let you know your door is unlocked.
I'm SOOO proud I chose to spend a decade of my life in service to this country. I've seen protests around the world, and never, even in Korea, did I ever see this Nazi crap.
And all you Repub wimps who never served, just shut your cake hole, MAGGOTS.

Comment posted September 3, 2008 @ 4:26 pm

I have seen this kid on other videos and he is an idiot. Most of these people are. If you protest and get out of hand or you let a few bad apples ruin it for the rest of you then you will face the reaction of those police in charge of protecting the community. I would not be surprised if this dumb kid had his friends do this. Hell in one video he says he wishes something would of happened to him once the police turned and walked away from him. It looks like you got your wish now go somewhere and disappoint your family for raising you.

Comment posted September 3, 2008 @ 5:21 pm

The just-world phenomenon, also called the just-world theory, just-world fallacy, just-world effect, or just-world hypothesis, refers to the tendency for people to want to believe that the world is “just” so strongly that when they witness an otherwise inexplicable injustice they will rationalize it by searching for things that the victim might have done to deserve it. This deflects their anxiety, and lets them continue to believe the world is a just place, but at the expense of blaming victims for things that were not, objectively, their fault. Historically this concept can be dated back to the theodicy of Leibniz, a theory that was attacked by Voltaire in his novel Candide. In a similar way, Imre Lakatos has argued against the notion of “instant rationality” in the philosophy of science.

One study gave women what appeared to be painful electric shocks while working on a difficult memory problem. Those who observed the experiment appeared to blame the victim for her fate, praised the experiment, and rated her as being less physically attractive than did those who had seen her but not the experiment. [1]

In another study, subjects were told two versions of a story about an interaction between a woman and a man. Both variations were exactly the same, except at the very end the man raped the woman in one and in the other he proposed marriage. In both conditions, subjects viewed the woman's (identical) actions as inevitably leading to the (very different) results[2]

The just-world phenomenon was first theorized by Melvin Lerner[citation needed].

See also

* Denial
* Cognitive dissonance
* List of cognitive biases
* Mean world syndrome
* Victim blaming
* Best of all possible worlds

Comment posted September 3, 2008 @ 5:33 pm

Yeah, cops do have a shitty job, but these are not regular police. Most of them are outsourced federal goons who cannot be identified or held accountable for their actions (try getting a badge number from one of them). There is no reasoning with these people – they've been given orders to set an example of those who have the audacity to exercise their 1st Amendment rights.

That is completely unamerican.

Comment posted September 3, 2008 @ 5:44 pm

DUmba$$ what do you expect.

Comment posted September 3, 2008 @ 5:46 pm

What an idiot

Comment posted September 3, 2008 @ 6:20 pm

I am so disgusted at the photos of the injuries that this young man acquired at the hands of the police department. This, unfortunately, is not an uncommon occurrence because the police are overly aggressive bullies who seem to get thrills out of ganging-up on a less fortunate person. Bastards!
My prayers are with this young man and his family. The external wounds may heal but please get this young man help with the internal wounds that won't ever go away. God Bless You and Your family, young man, and don't let punks like that get away with what they have done to you, because the next time their victim might not be as “lucky” as you are. Stay strong and be well!

Comment posted September 3, 2008 @ 6:58 pm

But they do have the right to use force against people who refuse their orders. It is codified in every legal system everywhere that you have to obey a police officer's legal orders. And one of those legal powers in the ability to detain someone, without arresting them. Just cuffing someone and having them moved is not an arrest, so the absence of Miranda rights I've heard a few people mention is entirely within the bounds of the law. Protesting is fine. It's a protected action under the constitution. But when people start attacking police officers, or make threatening moves and then refuse a police officer's legal detention orders the police are within their rights to act with force, both for the safety of the public and themselves. The amount of shit smeared at riot officers here is ridiculous. Do you really think that you are going to be the most discerning and patient in the midst of trying to arrest or detain rioters? Of course not. Maybe there was misconduct in this case and maybe there was misconduct in other instances. But it is unfair to every police officer out there to summarily judge and condemn them for doing their job and trying to uphold their duty the law and public safety.

Comment posted September 3, 2008 @ 7:41 pm

Yeah, there's something missing here. I do not condone use of unnecessary force, certainly not against minors. But what was the situation that made this one kid so interesting to all those photographers and videographers? Sitting down in the street? hmmm. And clearly the one that took this video was working specifically with him, he casts a couple of sideways glances directly at that camera, I would guess to be sure his moment was going to be captured. I don't approve of the police using provocateurs to frame protesters, and I don't approve of protesters using provocateurs to frame cops. Anyway, sorry the kid got hurt and hope it does not turn out he was out looking to get hurt.

Tom T
Comment posted September 3, 2008 @ 7:45 pm

Good post Jean. I agree. The St. Paul cops have had feces, urine and bleach thrown at them all week and they have acted professionally. Kudos to them. I doubt many people would have that type of restraint. A big thanks to those who keep our streets safe so we don't have to lay awake worrying all night. The great thing is, that if a person doesn't like this country, they are free to vote, volunteer, or leave. The difference between a civilian and a citizen is that a citizen will stand up and do something positive for the country. A civilian will sit back and let others fight for their right to complain. If any cops read this, THANK YOU FOR WHAT YOU DO. I am sure this will get negative replies from some, and when it does, you will have proven my point and I thank you.

Comment posted September 3, 2008 @ 8:14 pm

Where is the video of the beating? Is there something missing from the photo of the ear.. look at the vid again- 2:36 to 2:45 BOTH ears have some type of ring or above has neither… As the norm LIES LIES AND MORE LIES……………………
He also was not given medical treatment- Then why the hell is he in the a Hospital bed…..

F Wilson
Comment posted September 3, 2008 @ 9:15 pm

The injuries that are pictured look like they are the result of “road rash” which very likely resulted from being dragged along the pavement in the process of arrest. I have seen similar injuries when some one was dragged by their feet along pavement.

Comment posted September 3, 2008 @ 9:28 pm

I was in Seattle during the WTO disturbances, which — counter to what you might have seen on the tee-vee — were in essence a police riot. For every dumb punk smashing in a Starbuck's window, we had at least one crooked, brutal cop teargassing people for videotaping the goings-on. (The difference there, if you missed it, is that the cop is entrusted to act in the public interest, and it's part of his job to keep his cool. Also, one person harms a pane of glass, and another harms a human being.) After seeing that, I'd say it's entirely reasonable for anyone going into a high-profile protest situation to wear a bandanna around his neck and carry a water bottle, and preferably a full first-aid kit.

The stories coming out of St. Paul are amazing. Media credentials mean nothing to these cops — they'll upend a can of pepper spray over anybody. Common sense means nothing to them. I've had a friend who was a cop; I've seen police deal with difficult situations with grace, and I thank them for it; but this is bullshit. It's brutal, it's incompetent, it's shameful, and it's going to cost St. Paul a great deal of money. Certainly it's dragged the town's good name through the mud, and it hasn't done much for the reputation of police officers everywhere, either.

Comment posted September 3, 2008 @ 10:02 pm

When you get arrested they take off anything you have that could be used as a weapon, including earrings. Duh.

Comment posted September 3, 2008 @ 11:22 pm

That's just the normal way you do business? Sick. Sounds like the officer would have been more interested in issuing a jaywalking ticket than have it's officers beat an innocent 17 year old.

Billbo Francopolis
Comment posted September 3, 2008 @ 11:36 pm

You people can have your fucking crazy country. You are all nuts…. Go listen to those fucking Republicans tell more and more lies… Lie after fucking lie, and they all eat it up….yum. So eager they are to believe only what they want to hear. All the while automatons in black shirts and body armor make a fine display of what America really responds to…Fear, violence, hate, and teargas.

Why can't you Americans just get your shit together already…Hasn't it been well over two hundred fucking years?!?!?!?!?!?! Get a goddamn revolution together and make it happen. You heard what the honest founders (Rousseau, and all the rest too) and the others warned future generations against… You will have to clean house every so many years or the people with the power will make life for the people with none very difficult. It's just plague of inherently evil human nature.

Comment posted September 3, 2008 @ 11:56 pm

Freedom and Justice for Political Hacktivists in an age of FBI Intimidation

Comment posted September 3, 2008 @ 11:59 pm

to all of you who praise what the cops did: wait until the day you're pulled over and beaten for no reason…or maybe for carrying a little bit of weed on you. then you'll understand how “an injury to one is an injury to all” and despite your political disagreement with this kid, you should find this degree of brutality unacceptable in any society.

The Freeman
Comment posted September 4, 2008 @ 12:42 am

The kid says, I'm just surprised they left, so I'll leave too.

He was just a dumb kid, speaking his “Truth to Power”, pushing his boundaries, like we all did when we were younger. The difference is that when we were 17, the president didn't have a “Patriot Act to use against us, and we didn't often get hurt as we protested whatever we were protesting back then.

Today, it seems the police want to split the head of anyone who doesn't hop-smart enough when they are told to jump. Heck, even reporters are now being thrown in jail for just doing their jobs.

I hope the cop who stomped that child loses his job. This nation is well rid of those who will punish our youth for simply doing what our FOUNDING FATHERS made sure we all have the right to do, that is to demonstrate against our government and those who are leadership positions.

Comment posted September 4, 2008 @ 12:58 am

When fine citizens like Keith takes to the streets, you applaud the people who beat them up. Do you like the security you won by giving up your liberty?

Comment posted September 4, 2008 @ 2:10 am

exactly, their LEGAL orders. So if a cop tells you to leave the sidewalk you do not have to because they are making an illegal demand, you have the right to be on a public sidewalk.

Comment posted September 4, 2008 @ 2:12 am

At protests here in France and most other EU countries the police to do not use such violence. There were riots and people started shooting at the cops and the cops did not freak out, they tear gassed, then did a 2 month investigation to find out who had the guns and went in a dawn and rounded up 40 suspects in their sleep without the cops firing a single shot, that is how a professional police force reacts.

Comment posted September 4, 2008 @ 9:03 am

so you must shave your back do you ?..and have a friend hold his boot ed foot on you while you do it. Whatever turns you on I guess..cops get a thrill punching out a hamless kid and you shave odd places. Funny old world.

Comment posted September 4, 2008 @ 9:04 am

Perhaps the kid wanted the police to uphold the law-but he was asking the impossible. This has all the hallmarks of a brutal revenge attack.

Comment posted September 4, 2008 @ 9:07 am

oh get real ! no wonder you think the earth is flat. The cops NEVER have “probable cause” to beat anyone-end of story. Go and read up on the laws you fool.

Comment posted September 4, 2008 @ 9:10 am

wrong-most of us know exaxtly what sort of people the cops have to deal with. But that's a seperate issue. The kid was beaten ( and I don't care how your brother reacts-it's still illegal to beat a person and that includes cops)

Kindly point out which law-or ask your brother to tell us which law ,allows police to beat a person !

Comment posted September 4, 2008 @ 9:12 am

no that should be “you get your ass beat when you associate with those loony cops”

Comment posted September 4, 2008 @ 9:14 am

The weird thing is Matt that Jon L believes these same cops wouldn't beat the shit out of him if they felt like it. That's when he'll come whining to some librul lawyer for help. Idiots like Jon think they are immune.

Comment posted September 4, 2008 @ 9:16 am

you are saying the complete truth !

Comment posted September 4, 2008 @ 10:33 am

I know it's easy for you to point the finger at Melissa Smith-Tourville, but anyone with teenage kids will tell you that it's impossible to keep a kid out of trouble if they are determined to find it. Even travelling 70 miles to find a group of armored police to confront is no challenge for some kids.

That being said, maybe 10 kids are just too much for one woman to handle.

Comment posted September 4, 2008 @ 10:43 am

Oddly enough, we Americans seem to be able to “get our shit together” enough to pull France's ass out of the dumpster every so often.

It's OK, no thanks necessary.

Comment posted September 4, 2008 @ 1:27 pm

If he's a Buddist why didn't he douse himself with gasoline and set himself on fire to protest. That would have gotten the world's attention.

Comment posted September 4, 2008 @ 4:44 pm

every so often??? Try one time in WW II Dont forget that the French Navy helped us win the Revolutionary War as well.

Comment posted September 4, 2008 @ 11:57 pm

A black bandanna oh my goodness you haven't look down the street of any of your local hipster spots have you EVERYONE has a bandanna these days man excuses

Comment posted September 5, 2008 @ 12:02 am

He went to the hospital after he was released? You my friend are an idiot.

Kathleen Bushman
Comment posted September 5, 2008 @ 2:35 am

How sad – more and more it seems that the bullies don't wear a gang member's wardrobe – they wear police uniforms.

Comment posted September 5, 2008 @ 9:33 am

Were they Blackwater mercenaries? Who knows? St. Paul is starting to look like Baghdad. Where do the cops leave the beheaded bodies at dawn?

Comment posted September 5, 2008 @ 11:04 am

Let's keep in mind that there is no evidence to support the 'beating' of this guy. Only evidence of injuries that have no known source. He could VERY easily sustained these injuries by resisting arrest, heck, he could have jumped out of a moving vehicle with the same results (before you go all BOOT on me, it's an irritated area with red stripes. That could be ANYTHING just as easily as a boot). I agree that there's something fishy about his comments and I wouldn't put it past a protester, who really wants to make his point, to have a friend drag him behind his moped to sustain some relatively minor injuries. If cops beat him up for the fun of it, they should go to jail, but unless someone on this page is a juror, judge or hired attorney, speculation only makes you sound like an idiot (y'know, the 5 month old COULD be her grand-daughter…sheesh!).

Comment posted September 5, 2008 @ 12:46 pm

Looks like the kid was looking for trouble. Kind of slow talking, is there something mentally wrong with him?
Nice bunch of kids doing their thing…

Comment posted September 5, 2008 @ 1:10 pm

The bombs, guns, and chemical weapons were all in the hands of the police. They spent $1.9 million on chemical sprays.

Dick Hurtzer
Comment posted September 5, 2008 @ 2:26 pm

Not enough info to say who was in the wrong. Those that hate cops are going to believe the kid and those that hate assholes are going to believe the cops. From what I saw in the video, he was taunting the cops and was disappointed that nothing happened. I'm sure any educated person might think that he later took his taunting to a higher level and paid the price. Now he wants to cry about it. I am all for peaceful protests-it makes America great. But there are always those looking to see how far they can go and just be rebellious. Then, when they get their asses handed to them, they cry like the true babies they really are. This kids seems like a little punk-ass to me. Our police have more important things to do than having to babysit non-peaceful protesters. 99% of these jerk-offs would never be touched if they would just do as they are told. The other 1% may have a legit beef and the cops involved should be punished. I just don't buy all the BS about all the bad cops out there. It's a thankless job that most of these punks could never do. Go do a ride-along with a cop one day and find out what most of them are really about. And yes, I know there are always bad apples with attitude;just not as many as liberal whiners say there are.

Comment posted September 5, 2008 @ 3:35 pm

Cops are disrespecting the people they are supposed to PROTECT and SERVE as are the politicians who line their own pockets. They are not to be a military force, not to mention did they really only hire policemen? Or are they hiring from outside sources like the mercs in Iraq? Cops need to be taken down a notch. Why would I respect an arm of the law that is dirty? That likes to beat it's own people into submission? (Remember WTO?) Unrelenting in it's lies, (there's no such thing as a quota or racial profiling? what a joke) This government is a sham and VERY disrespectful to all humans worldwide. It must be remade.

Comment posted September 5, 2008 @ 4:49 pm

So did he tell the police how old he was? Give them a fake name? Sorry sonny. You hopped in the lions den, probably met some 24 y/o punk that impressed the shit out of you and you got taken down. You have the right to protest, not be an idiot. You get what you deserve period. BTW, I was there quite a bit, even during the contentious times. I walked away without a scratch. Even walked right through a group of quite “foul smelling” individuals that had decided to have their little sit in on a public sidewalk proudly carrying my American flag.

Comment posted September 5, 2008 @ 11:16 pm

smells more like communist china than usa to me..

Comment posted September 5, 2008 @ 11:20 pm

they are probably paid to post things like that..

disinfo, fluoride and sheeple, who believe anything faux news pukes down their throats

Comment posted September 6, 2008 @ 12:57 am

And this is what KSTP thinks about you

Reporter Mark Albert and Photojournalist Jared Bergerson embedded with Commander Steve Fraser's division as his team patrolled downtown as delegates assembled to nominate a presidential candidate and demonstrators gathered to try and disrupt the convention at all costs.

Perhaps it's time to boycott KSTP news

Comment posted September 6, 2008 @ 9:19 am


If it was not for people like this, and others who are protesting and standing up for thier rights you would not be where you are today. Our nation was built upon the courage and bravery of regular people who stand in the face of opposition. This kid is standing up for what is right, for him, for me and even for assholes like you. Show some respect.

Comment posted September 6, 2008 @ 9:57 am

“$1.9 million on chemical sprays”….Was that figure published in New Times???

Comment posted September 6, 2008 @ 10:10 am

Maybe so, but I bet they are not covering their faces with the bandanna. I guess you never noticed that terrorists groups (i.e. Al Qaeda, KKK, street gangs, etc) all use bandanna's to cover their faces. This is so they cannot be identified and arrested for their illegal activities.

Comment posted September 6, 2008 @ 10:18 am

I'm sorry, as a Obama supporter, I have to say protesters like this kid make the democrats look like fools.

Comment posted September 6, 2008 @ 10:47 am

I guess you weren't here for the RNC. Bandannas came on every time the riot police leveled their guns or threatened the use of chemical agents, which was quite often. Sure, some so-called anarchists wear black bandannas, but I saw far more bandannas of all colors going on as protection against the police.

Comment posted September 6, 2008 @ 10:50 am

Why? What indication do you have that he's a Democrat? Lots of the protesters here weren't for any party.

Lincoln Jones
Comment posted September 6, 2008 @ 6:21 pm

I didn't see this beating go down but the St. Paul Police department has a history of corruption and anger management issues. I remember a couple years ago the St. Paul Police Chief's son, who was also a police officer, came over to Wisconsin and beat someone down in a bar. I've also met Keith in person before and can say that he wouldn't even be a threat to one cop let alone 5 cops with body armor and billy clubs. I hope that the individual officers are punished both criminally as well as in civil court.

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Comment posted September 7, 2008 @ 11:30 am

He is obviously a camera whore who was looking to get arrested. Since he couldn't provoke the police the first time, who knows what he tried the second time. Whatever it was, looks like it worked. He should be happy.

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Uhhh Sort of
Comment posted September 17, 2008 @ 8:10 am

That video and his mother's lame writeup is further proof that we've lost the war on drugs.

Steve H.
Comment posted November 11, 2008 @ 3:02 pm

I’m so glad Obama won:-) Now the subintelligent Republicans can go lick their political wounds and lash out at the world with their misplaced sarcasm all they want. It won’t do much. Those cops should be held accountable. The new progressive govt can show the world how much better they are by using fair due process as opposed to the torture and other 3rd world methods the conservatives prefer.

Comment posted April 26, 2010 @ 4:04 pm

i think everyone who posted sarcastic, idiotic comments are the ones who should take there f**king hands and shove it down their throats. you shouldn’t be saying anything unless you have personally exprienced this. sho shut the f**k up and go eat your applesauce.

Comment posted January 24, 2011 @ 5:23 pm

to me the police just looks like a bunch of ruffnecks and mafia members, that are the muscle of the mafia we call goverment. hmm, hmm….

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