Bachmann sits down with Bryan Fischer after he claims Muslims have no First Amendment rights

Pawlenty, too, has appeared on 'hate group' member's show
By Andy Birkey
Friday, March 25, 2011 at 8:41 am

Bryan Fischer, an analyst for the American Family Association, is well known for controversial statements about LGBT people (“gay sex is a form of domestic terrorism”) and Muslims (inbreeding has caused “lowered intellectual capacity”), false or misleading statements that have landed the AFA on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s list of “hate groups.” On Thursday, shortly before he interviewed Rep. Michele Bachmann on his radio program, Fischer shared another opinion: That because of their faith Muslim Americans have “no fundamental First Amendment claims.” Bachmann, who speaks at an AFA event in Iowa today, is not the first potential 2012 candidate from Minnesota to join Fischer; Tim Pawlenty met with him in January.

Fischer wrote on Thursday:

Islam has no fundamental First Amendment claims, for the simple reason that it was not written to protect the religion of Islam. Islam is entitled only to the religious liberty we extend to it out of courtesy. While there certainly ought to be a presumption of religious liberty for non-Christian religious traditions in America, the Founders were not writing a suicide pact when they wrote the First Amendment.

Our government has no obligation to allow a treasonous ideology to receive special protections in America, but this is exactly what the Democrats are trying to do right now with Islam.

From a constitutional point of view, Muslims have no First Amendment right to build mosques in America. They have that privilege at the moment, but it is a privilege that can be revoked if, as is in fact the case, Islam is a totalitarian ideology dedicated to the destruction of the United States. The Constitution, it bears repeating, is not a suicide pact.

Later Thursday morning Bachmann joined Fischer for his radio show and confirmed the CNN report that she would be making the decision whether or not to run for president early this summer. Here’s the interview:

The AFA has been listed as a “hate group” by the Southern Poverty Law Center for making false statements about gays and lesbians, as well as Muslims.

At least one watchdog group has asked Bachmann and Pawlenty, who appeared on Fischer’s radio show in January, to publicly denounce Fischer’s extremism towards Muslim and LGBT Americans.

People for the American Way sent a letter to both asking them to refrain from attending events with Fischer and cited a year’s worth of his statements.

Fischer has said that no new mosques should be built in the U.S., that inbreeding has caused Muslims to be stupid and violent, that Muslims should be banned from serving in the U.S. military, and that all Muslims are traitors and should be deported from the U.S. He’s said that “homosexuals should be disqualified from public office,” that gays are biased, sexually deviant felons, not to mention pedophiles, and should never serve on the Supreme Court, that gay adoption is “a terrible, terrible, inexcusable, inhumane thing to do to children,” that legislators should “impose the same sanctions on those who engage in homosexual behavior as we do on those who engage in intravenous drug abuse,” that “gay sex is a form of domestic terrorism,” and that Hitler recruited homosexual soldiers because they “had no limits and the savagery and brutality they were willing to inflict on whomever Hitler sent them after.”

Neither Pawlenty’s nor Bachmann’s spokespeople returned requests by the Minnesota Independent for comment on Fischer’s latest statement.

This morning, Bachmann is speaking during the AFA’s Renewal Project event in West Des Moines.

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Paul V
Comment posted March 25, 2011 @ 10:00 am

I am no less than appalled at such a bigoted self rightous ass having a radio voice and to boot possible presidential candidates using that voice to promote themselves.

My faith is in humanity but some people test my patience.

That is one sick F…

Sulayman F
Comment posted March 25, 2011 @ 10:56 am

What an absurd sentiment. Muslims existed in America when the Framers wrote the First Amendment. That was actually given as a reason against having such an amendment, but the Framers defended it, saying specifically that if a Muslim ever ran for office, he should have the right if the people elect him.

Comment posted March 25, 2011 @ 11:57 am

The Republican practice religious persecution. These are crimes against humanity under the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court Article 7. sec.1 (h).
Also this violates the US Constitution if acted upon. Newt also will speak in MN in May to preach, government needs to be of a religious setting as he believes our framers intended although many were of no religious beliefs.

This has to stop and the people must act! When will the Democratic party begin challenging these acts against humanity to nail this coffin of hate and fear shut?

Comment posted March 25, 2011 @ 12:00 pm

How can Bachmann even be considered as a presidencial candidate along with Gingrich with the beliefs of discrimination and of persecution tendancies towards others? Is the Conservative party really this hard up or simply ignorant?

Comment posted March 25, 2011 @ 1:19 pm

Does the American People actually support this? Does anyone learn from the past and not just revise it? I understand that saying the word Hitler has gotten out of hand and it does loose its power because of that, but come on guys! HITLER!

wow, I actually get scared of my physical being with people like this around. Beware to all non Fundie’s and all Non Literalistic believer of the bible. You might be rounded up in the night, and have a big star placed upon your chest. I mean that with all respect to all that were lost in our most terrible time of recent history. I mention that it is still recent, please wake up and smell the coffee!

Comment posted March 25, 2011 @ 3:13 pm

@ Fischer

who said this? “even if the Mufti of Constantinople were to send a missionary to preach Mohammedanism to us, he would find a pulpit at his service”

and who did this?

Between 1933–45, an estimated 100,000 men were arrested as homosexuals, of which some 50,000 were officially sentenced.[1] Most of these men served time in regular prisons, and an estimated 5,000 to 15,000 of those sentenced were incarcerated in concentration camps.

yes, true Christianity at its best.

Comment posted March 25, 2011 @ 3:14 pm

ABC, CBS, NBC report every word Palin, Bachmann, etc. say. What will it take to get them to report and investigate things like this?

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Comment posted March 26, 2011 @ 8:36 am

Note that Rep. Bachmann has never explicitly said anything like this (at leat, not publicly). She certainly does not want to dispel the notion that she endorses the view. On the other hand, she can make the legitimate argument that, because she did not say it herself, saying that she thinks Muslims have no constitutional protection for their religion is guilt by association.

It’s bigotry lite. She gets to reap the rewards with her base, but she doesn’t have to take responsibility for an opinion at once repugnant and stupid. She’s a crafty one.

Zera Lee
Comment posted March 27, 2011 @ 5:25 am

I lived for decades without realizing just how much hate and prejudice there is in this country. Even now, I have to revise my estimates upward on a weekly basis.

I have begun to fear that the bashizzle (bat poop) has reached critical mass, and we are counting down to another civil war level crisis.

Comment posted March 27, 2011 @ 9:09 am

This is Bachman’s voting base. It’s sad that there are hole groups that live in such fear and prejudice.

Comment posted March 27, 2011 @ 9:01 pm

The world continues to change and places new demands on us all the time. It calls for flexibility in our thinking, and the ability to change our perspective or assumptions when the evidence calls for it. It presents us with people who look different from us and have different values, and in order to negotiate our differences with them in a democracy we have to know how to listen as well as think critically.

The contemporary conservative movement, on the contrary, will have none of that and is in full-scale flight into their own echo chamber, where similar looking, sounding and believing people are the only ones wanted and where conservative “truths” trump all evidence to the contrary (e.g., global warming is a myth, along with evolution, and gays will destroy the institution of marriage, etc.). The moderates have been kicked out of the party. Thoughtful dissenters are seen as traitors. Conformity of opinion is expected. Conservative extremism of all types, unmitigated by the necessity of dissenting voices, is speeding down the highway at night with its lights out.

Unfortunately, we’re in the car with these cretins.

Comment posted March 28, 2011 @ 11:15 am

Bachmans base is entirely made up of hatemongers.How sad for Minnesota that we have someone like her in our midst.

Comment posted March 28, 2011 @ 5:53 pm

Marie it is all so sad
when its all gone then we can blame everyone ,because its all our own fault
Marie all we can do is put our best foot forward

our Children ,children s ,children s

Zara lee blame it on bachman

Comment posted March 28, 2011 @ 5:58 pm

in the last 6 months
i cant remember one time bachman speak about her district not once

a representative with out representation for her district

me me pretty me michelle

Comment posted March 31, 2011 @ 3:26 pm

Wow Ray,

Juvenile stupidity.

If you can’t either find a good reason to defend Bachmann or add something intelligent to the conversation, go play in a different sandbox.

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Katie B.
Comment posted April 6, 2011 @ 6:05 am

It needs to be repeated over and over again:

The American “Family” Association is a HATE GROUP. They should not be trusted to say anything about anything because they are a HATE GROUP. They exist to spread misinformation and lies about people different from them because they are a HATE GROUP.

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