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Wisconsin Democrats begin Gov. Scott Walker recall effort

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By Jon Collins | 11.14.11 | 12:08 pm

Democrats need to gather more than 550,000 signatures; Republicans vow to document “foul play by Wisconsin Democrats or big government union bosses.”

Digital rights groups target Klobuchar on Commercial Felony Streaming Act

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By Jon Collins | 11.14.11 | 10:39 am

On its website, Demand Progress, a progressive group, says they have one goal for the ad: “We need to embarrass a key lawmaker to set an example for others, and make it clear that it’s not okay to shill for the entertainment industry.”

(Document) NLRB complaint on Jimmy John’s labor violations in Minneapolis

By Jon Collins | 11.10.11 | 12:48 pm

The following is a complaint from the National Labor Relations Board against Jimmy John’s shops in Minneapolis for illegally firing and threatening workers who supported a union.
The complaint was filed on Nov. 9, and will be followed by a…

(Video) Anti-abortion activist challenging Ellison launches anti-Islam ads

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By Andy Birkey | 11.10.11 | 8:47 am

Boisclair titled his press release for the ad, “Christian challenges Muslim for congressional seat.”

NLRB finds Jimmy John’s illegally threatened and fired employees backing union

By Jon Collins | 11.09.11 | 6:11 pm

If the International Workers of the World and Jimmy John’s don’t reach a settlement, the case will go to an administrative judge in January 2012.

(Video) Republican-aligned PAC uses Occupy Wall Street against Democrats

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By John Tomasic | 11.09.11 | 9:44 am

A Republican PAC with ties to Tea Party Express is hoping to launch a campaign against Democrats using the Occupy Wall Street movement, which the group’s head describes as “mobs.”

Ellison on Occupy Wall Street’s grievances: People ‘got ripped off’

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By Jon Collins | 11.07.11 | 11:58 am

In a video posted as part of YouTube’s congressional Town Hall series, Ellison explained the grievances behind Occupy Wall Street protests.

(Video) Occupy Wall Streeters greet Scott Walker in Chicago

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By Lynda Waddington | 11.07.11 | 5:00 am

Members of the Chicago Teachers Union and Stand Up! Chicago performed a “mic check” at the beginning of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s remarks, despite attempts by others at the breakfast to stifle the statements.

Santorum: ‘The economy is inextricably linked to the moral fabric of this country’

By Andrew Duffelmeyer | 11.07.11 | 5:00 am

Former U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum (R-Penn.) says if elected president he will work to limit abortion and birth-control, ban stem-cell research and same-sex marriage, and abolish some areas of the judiciary.

Photo: Andy Melton, Flickr

650,000 join credit unions as Bank Transfer Day approaches

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By Jon Collins | 11.04.11 | 10:33 am

The organizer for Bank Transfer Day said she was tired of fee increases and limited access to her money at large corporate banks.