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Bachmann interrupted by Occupy Wall Street activists in South Carolina

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By Andy Birkey | 11.11.11 | 5:00 am

Occupy Wall Street protesters said Bachmann’s stances “capitalize on dividing Americans” by claiming that people who disagree with her are “unpatriotic socialists.”

Polling on marriage amendment fluctuates wildly a year from vote

By Andy Birkey | 11.11.11 | 4:50 am

Two polls show that the amendment might get defeated while two others show a slight lead for anti-gay marriage activists.

Bachmann: Unions, socialism to blame for Michigan’s economic woes

By Andrew Duffelmeyer | 11.10.11 | 2:58 pm

Bachmann said the solution to Michigan’s unemployment was to make it a right to work state, which would allow companies to cut back wages and benefits.

Minnesota Senators Franken and Klobuchar vote to repeal DOMA

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By Andy Birkey | 11.10.11 | 1:36 pm

Franken says repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act won’t make straight people gay, but that DOMA will continue to harm LGBT couples if it isn’t repealed.

Report: Auditor finds lax accounting safeguards for Minnesota Pollution Control Agency

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By Jon Collins | 11.10.11 | 12:02 pm

The Office of the Legislative auditor found that the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency had an accounts receivable balance of $8.2 million in the final quarter of 2010, with errors of $6.2 million.

HRC drops equality rating for law firm representing NOM in Minnesota

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By Andy Birkey | 11.10.11 | 8:35 am

The Human Rights Campaign said the law firm has “established a clear pattern of knowingly taking on anti-LGBT organizations as clients, even after we and others in the community expressed concerns.”

Lax regulation of election laws allow secretive Super PACs to flourish

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By Yana Kunichoff | 11.10.11 | 5:00 am

Super PACs have been pushing the boundaries of election law this year, with many of the Federal Election Commission members unwilling to enforce regulations.

Following repeal of anti-union law, Ohio gov doubles down on cuts

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By David S. Lewis | 11.10.11 | 4:00 am

After voters felled Ohio Governor John Kasich’s signature anti-collective bargaining law yesterday, he responded with an assurance that the state wasn’t going to pony up any new cash to help struggling cities. Cities like Columbus, Ohio, are facing huge cuts from the state and working with unions to lower costs.

NLRB finds Jimmy John’s illegally threatened and fired employees backing union

By Jon Collins | 11.09.11 | 6:11 pm

If the International Workers of the World and Jimmy John’s don’t reach a settlement, the case will go to an administrative judge in January 2012.

Ohio voters repeal law that would have gutted collective bargaining rights

Source: Flickr,  David_Shankbone
By Jon Collins | 11.09.11 | 12:52 pm

The White House congratulated Ohioans for “standing up for workers and defeating efforts to strip away collective bargaining rights.”

Spotlight on: Target Corporation

(Updated) NLRB findings of intimidation could overturn Target store’s vote against union

The findings could provide enough evidence for an administrative judge to recommend that June’s vote to reject the union at the New York store be overturned.

Community wants answers from Target on marriage amendment

Twin Cities Pride is asking the LGBT community for feedback over the decision by Target to stay neutral on an anti–gay marriage amendment that will appear on the ballot in 2012.

Target, Best Buy and 3M get downgraded in HRC equality rating

In the new 2011 Corporate Equality Index released by the Human Rights Campaign, three Minnesota corporations’ ratings were decreased due to political activity: Target, Best Buy and 3M.

Target’s reputation takes a hit after gift to MN Forward

Brandweek, a weekly trade magazine for the marketing industry, notes that Target’s reputation or “buzz” took a serious hit after donations to MN Forward were revealed in early August.

Target CEO Steinhafel helped nix eating disorder clinic

Earlier this year, an eating disorder clinic called the Emily Program was attempting to open a new facility in an affluent part of Orono, a town of 7,500 people west of Minneapolis. But opposition from some neighbors, as well as…