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Minnesota bills traced to controversial corporate group ALEC

By Jon Collins | 08.03.11 | 1:36 pm

A conservative national nonprofit that’s drawn criticism for allowing corporations to write legislation directly with state lawmakers can be traced to bills introduced in Minnesota last session. The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) has been involved in the developing language here that would shield large corporations from consumer lawsuits and undermine greenhouse gas reduction goals.

Koch has donated $2.5 million to campaigns since 2006

By Andrew Restuccia | 09.20.10 | 12:50 pm

A new Greenpeace report finds that the Koch Brothers, via their PAC, contributed $2.51 million since the beginning of the 2006 election cycle to lawmakers’ campaigns, more than any other oil and gas industry PAC. At the same time, the…

Flint Hills’ parent company, Koch, makes political ‘Heavy Hitters’ list

By Alexander Zaitchik | 06.15.10 | 2:50 pm

Koch Industries — which owns Rosemount’s Flint Hills Resources Pine Bend Refinery– is known to be a major funder of groups associated with the “anti-establishment”